About us – O nama

28 Marzo 2013

About us – O nama

Present since the early 1990ties, Oxfam in South East Europe envisions citizens empowered by a stronger civil society, a responsible private sector and accountable government/s, where all people have access to economical-socio-cultural and natural resources that allow them to live life with dignity.

With our partners in the region we are focusing on support to local sustainable development and on capacity building of local authorities and of civil society organizations, to improve the living conditions for all citizens so that they can exercise their rights to a dignified life.

Our actions in South East Europe are driven by our motivation to:

• improve opportunities and create a supportive environment for smallholder farmers and small-scale enterprises, to promote fairer and sustainable socio-economic development.

• tackle the growing problems of climate change and misuse on natural resources that rapidly increase the risk of disasters in the region.


How are we doing it?

We acknowledge the risks of high unemployment rates and the constant risk of increase in the number of families falling under the poverty line in the region. We address this by improving access to better opportunities and resources available to the most vulnerable population such as young people, women (especially single women headed families), and isolated and socially excluded groups of people without stable income.

We support the improved implementation of environmental standards and innovative natural resources management, to impact climate change and increase resilience of rural and urban poor/vulnerable women and men.

Our work in South East Europe is based on the needs of local communities, identified through years of experience and cooperation with partners in the region. Main sectors of Oxfam intervention are:

  • Development of micro and small enterprises in rural and peri-urban areas, by setting up value chains and focusing on the development and support of start-up and market oriented income generation activities;
  • Improvement of partners and beneficiaries capacities to exercise their right to a sustainable use of land and to a fair business environment, to call for better policies and practices when these rights are not respected and implemented;
  • Enhancement of entrepreneurial skills and spirit and attitudes in institutions, CSOs, the private sector and general society;
  • Enabling poor rural women and men to be more resilient to climate change, environmental degradation and market transformation;
  • Improvement of access for poor rural women and men to services that will help reduce poverty, improve nutrition, raise incomes and build resilience in a changing environment;
  • Enhancement of capabilities of poor rural women and men and their organizations to influence policies and institutions that affect their livelihoods;
  • Increase the use of renewable energy (RE) and improve energy efficiency conduct at private, SMEs, community level.

Who we work with?

Partnerships lie at the core of how Oxfam understands the world and our role in working for change.

Oxfam partners with organizations or groups who work in rural and peri-urban communities, which focus on creating positive outcomes for poor people, especially women and young people.

  • Citizens and civil society organizations

We strive to understand citizens’ needs to create a common voice. We engage with communities focusing on poor and excluded persons, mostly on youth and women.

  • Governments (local and central level)

We support decentralization of governance to local governments level and  partner with municipalities aiming to influence their practice and support the introduction of good governance principles.

  • Private sector

We build  links with private actors engaged in corporate social responsibility and we strive to connect local communities with the private sector and local government.