Aiuta le famiglie di Agra



Rani* sits at the doorway of her kitchen so that she gets some light while she cuts vegetables for the evening meal. Food is prepared fresh here, as they do not have any way to store the food. Before she, and all other women, leave for work the morning breakfast and lunch is prepared; when the women come back from work they start cooking after bathing and washing their clothes. 


Rani* is cooking cucumber along with potatoes today in a curry that will be eaten with rice. The kitchen is very simple with mud floor and walls; the roof is a mix of thatch and tin. There are a few shelves for the utensils and some covered buckets for the rice and wheat need to be stored. There is often one bulb in the kitchen, but in the part where the fire is lit they manage with the light of a small kerosene lamp. 


Here she sits at the doorway and talks to her husband while cutting vegetables. Electricity is sparse in these labour lines, while some have a bulb or two and a fan there are parts of lines that do not have electricity provided to them at all. In the case of the latter, they make do with battery-operated lamps or kerosene lamps. 


*Name has been changed to protect identity