Annie Lennox has chosen Nonkululo, a 28-year-old HIV/AIDS counsellor from Eastern Cape, South Africa. Nonkululo is HIV-positive herself– and is teaching people that they have a right to treatment. .” Nonkululo is a true inspiration and is very empathic because she has a direct experience of living with the HIV virus. The whole region where she lives is very poor and remote and has been devastated by HIV. You read the statistics and they’re brutally shocking but they don’t really convey the human story. The scale of suffering is staggering. ..”I bow down to the people that I met in Africa. They have so little materially and are swimming like salmon upstream against all the odds and yet they have a magnificence of human spirit. I’ve seen Nonkululo dance and I’ve seen her sing and I think ‘My god, I bow down to you’. She’s got this incredible spirit – she truly is one of those exceptional women. ..”Everyone should have the right to medical treatment, but many people in Africa simply cannot afford it. If governments commit to providing free healthcare it will make a huge impact on the continent and help to change millions of lives.”..