Abdell Rasol Ibrahim with his Oxfam donkey Mashai (Fast)One of 530 donkeys Oxfam distributed to people in camps, the town and nearby villages. Garib (West) Camp, Um Dukhun

‘She makes a big difference to my life. You see I’m a single parent, my wife died giving birth, and I have five children…aged 12, 8, 7, 5 and 4, to look after. I was very happy when I received the donkey, because I can go and collect enough firewood and grass (for thatching) to sell in the market. She’s a very good donkey. She’s fast, that’s why I gave her the name ‘Mashi’, she’s powerful, and she’s good with the children. I’m very proud to have her…and she’s the first donkey I’ve owned.’