Selina, the benificiary of a goat from Oxfam Unwrapped, holds the original goat she was given at her families home in Nyakamba, near to the town of Nyagatare in Rwanda on November 20th 2008.

“I look after the goats as much as I can, but I have to go out to school most days. Before I go off to school, I go out to find food for the goats. Our goats allow us to fertilise our crops so they will flourish. And I know that if I need a new school uniform, we can sell a goat and I will be able to buy a new one.

“I was very pleased to find that I had a friend from very far away who bought me a goat as a Christmas gift. It was really exciting the first time she came to visit me and meet my family. I remember that we sat together in my class at school and had lessons together, and then Eleanor came home with me, had dinner with us and helped me to look after the goat.

“As we’re getting ready for Christmas at the moment, I would love dearly for Eleanor to come and stay with us for Christmas this year. Even more than that, I would love some day to visit her in England, and meet her family and school friends.

“At Christmas, it’s good to be able to share gifts if people are able to give them, and these goats are extremely important to us.”