Reema (Not her real name), 12, sits inside the partially constructed building that is serving as home to Reema and her family in Qalamoun, near Tripoli in northern Lebanon. Reema, who refused to have her face photographed for fear of reprisals if she and her family returned to Syria.
After an ad-hoc donation by visiting Oxfam staff of a notebook and pen, Reema has been writing moving poetry about her situation and desire to return to Syria (pictured).
Reema is one of 50,000 refugees displaced by the crises in Syria that Oxfam are helping to pay rent with a cash transfer worth $150 per household per month for two months. Up to 150,000 people will also be receiving vouchers for food and hygiene items. These will be one off payments for new arrivals from Syria (starting mid May). They will receive $27 per person for food and $10 per person for hygiene supplies