OGB_119368_Nutritional monitoring, Corredor Seco – Drought

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An Oxfam Intermón worker together with a group of women from the community of El Naranjo Community, municipality of Jocotán, Guatemala, who go with their sons and daughters to the health center where Oxfam Intermón with their partner ASEDECHI, carries out a monitoring Monthly nutrition to children in the community to assess their level of malnutrition.

That day, 58 children from families in vulnerable situations are held. Project technicians measure children weight and height. When they are diagnosed with severe malnutrition, they are given 5 packages of fortified flour and the technicians monitor their evolution. In the health center where it is performed there are almost no medications and there is only one nurse. There is no doctor.

Oxfam projects: nutritional monitoring and distribution of flour, bank transfers. Co-financiers: ECHO and Barcelona City Council.