SOVA HIV/AIDS programme: Baijayanti Kaurshowing ione of the posters SOVA uses in it’s HIV/AIDS work.’I am a member of the women’s group. We have meetings about AIDS. Even between husband and wife, and between unmarried people you must use condoms. If someone has a disease in them and you have a relationship with them, the disease will come to you unless you use a condom. If you are going to have a relationship with someone outside, if you’re a woman, you must get the man to use a condom. You must say, ‘Even if you haven’t got a disease, you must still use a condom.”What about with your husband”If it’s between a husband and wife it’s ok, but if he’s having sex outside as well, you must tell him to use a condom, and tell him that otherwise he could catch a disease and infect you as well. You must say, Please use condoms’. The woman he’s having sex with should say the same too, ‘No, you can only have sex with me if you use a condom’.”Even if he offers more money”Yes, even if he offers you more money. Money isn’t important as there’s no cure for AIDS.”Will the men accept this”Some men will but some won’t. Those who think will accept it, but men who drink and become thick-headed won’t understand.’