OGB_98497_Washing hands in clean water at the Filippiada camp

Portiamo acqua pulita e servizi igienico-sanitari, necessari a salvare vite da malattie infettive

The Filippiada camp is in the Epirus Region, Northwest Greece. Approximately 500 people are living here in UNHCR tents. Oxfam has provided toilets, showers, tanks to take away the wastewater from the showers, and standing sinks to provide clean water. Oxfam provides bottled drinking water to the camp and is also advising the local municipality on the chlorination of the site’s water supply. As part of Oxfam's Gender and Protection programme, a women only safe space has been established.


Across the Northwest of Greece and on the island of Lesvos, Oxfam is supporting over 3,000 people in six camps, all of which are managed by the Greek authorities. Oxfam has been providing clean water, sanitation, shelter, food, and non-food items such as hygiene kits, tarpaulins and blankets. In all sites, Oxfam is conducting regular focus groups with adults to assess their needs and is helping identify vulnerable people in order to provide extra support through referral to appropriate services and transport to medical facilities.