A Gaza non c’è più acqua

Aiuta la popolazione di Gaza

Eilaf and her husband Ahmed live with their three children in Beit Lahia in a small house. They do not often have access to the municipal water, and even when they do, they prefer not to drink it due to the salination and potential sewage contamination in the water. Ahmed will take his donkey and cart out several times a week to fetch clean water that has been provided by a wealthy businessman, but often the water has run out, or is switched off due to lack of electricity. This forces the family to drink contaminated water which makes the children sick. Oxfam has constructed a desalination plant nearby and has identified Eilaf’s family to receive this clean water in the future.

“I have a family of five. Three children and me and my husband. Our conditions are difficult. We access water for a couple of days and lose it for the next couple of days. At times, we are forced to take water from the well. We face problems with the children, they sometimes have stomach ache from the water and sometimes the water is contaminated, it has germs and worms."


"Most of the time the kids suffer and sometimes they vomit. It’s all from the water. They tell me the water is the cause. The doctors say that the cause is the water we drink."


"I wish the water would change here. We want to fill our water containers, so that the kids’ conditions improve. Are we supposed to go to the doctors every day and come back? I have no financial capacity to pay for water. I am forced to take water from the well as my conditions do not allow me to buy water."