Jennifer Pablo (37) and her daughter Rose Pablo (9) stand in Bay Baye, San Jose, Tacloban.

Jennifer received an Oxfam tarpaulin in January, 2014. Oxfam has distributed over 6000 tarpaulins ensuring 33,000 people will be sheltered from the elements in the coming months.

âMy name is Jennifer Pablo. I live in bgy 89 San Jose, Lapu-Lapu. One month ago, I received this tarpaulin from the bgy officials, but it wasnât from the officials â itâs from you! [Oxfam] Our house has been totally destroyed; there is nothing left except the floor. After we started rebuilding our house. We started with the wall, but we were missing some materials because my husband doesnât have a source of income and after the Typhoon we havenât got enough money to rebuild our house.

This tarpaulin is very important to us because rain or shine it is useful. When we are eating, itâs really hard to eat in the tent because itâs really warm inside and when it rains the floor gets wet. The tarpaulin is really helpful and thatâs why we have built a small temporary house so that when we eat we have somewhere we can eat which is dry and cool. I am thankful that I received this tarpaulin, but I would like to ask for support for us to have the materials to build even just a small house, because we donât have money for rebuilding. Itâs really hard to stay in the tent because when it rains it gets wet on the inside. When there is a strong wind it feels like the whole tent is going to fly. So we really want to have even just a small house, so we can transfer.

We want a stronger house, a stronger house, a stronger house. We want the house to have a strong foundation so we donât feel nervous or get scared when there is a typhoon, because we will feel safe if the house has a strong foundation.

We are really thankful to Oxfam that we received this tarpaulin because itâs really important and really a big help. This tarpaulin, itâs really a big help to us. Thatâs all.â