Liku Simon and Maheda Gwisu, 36 and 42 years old. From Mwabayanda village, Maswa District. Maheda and Liku are married and are farmers in Mwabayanda village. They have 9 children.

Before the project, they had no knowledge of local chicken as an enterprise; they used to sell chicken each at Tshs. 1500 (75p) at no profit. Their economic activity was mainly maize and rice cultivation. They used to keep chickens just for home uses. They had a problem of diseases like Newcastle disease, Fowl pox and Fowl typhoid, which reduced flock size, and they did not know how to control these diseases. They also did not know other good chicken husbandry practices. After joining the local chicken project, they have learnt about good husbandry practices including diseases control. They have managed to increase the number of chickens from 5 to 70.

They have sold 50 chickens each at double their previous price – now Tshs 5000 (£2.50), earning 250,000 Tshs (£125). They used the money to pay school fees and school contributions. They also bought seven (7) corrugated iron sheets and rented three acres of land one for rice production and two for maize. They harvested 26 bags of maize and 30 bags of rice, which is enough to feed the family of 9 children for the year. They exchanged 16 local chickens for four (4) goats, which have multiplied to 8 goats.
– Their household’s income and food security have improved through the sales of chickens
-They are able to meet basic needs and have expanded both crops and livestock production diversifying sources of income.
– Through the local chickens project, I consider chickens keeping as a business like other businesses ensuring food security for our big family throughout the year.