Winston Kerbay, the new Library Manager and Reading Teacher leading a reading class in the new library at Yawerlee Elementary School. Nobody in Yawerlee is qualified to teach so all the staff at the school have been brought in from outside the community. Oxfam partner, REAP, recruited Winston to develop the new school library and support the current Library Assistant. He moved from his home in Nimba to Yawerlee in order to do this job. Suakoko District, Bong County, Liberia.

Oxfam is working with three local partners to develop the facilities and quality of teaching at Yawerlee Elementary School. FAWE have facilitated the recent establishment of a library and also support the running of a girls club. The library is 14 x 20ft in size and was equipped with textbooks in September 2007. This is the first library in the community. Another partner, LEAD is working with the community to develop the existing Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and encourage parents to participate actively in their children’s education.Oxfam partner, REAP, recruited a Library Manager (Winston Kerbay) to develop the new school library and support the current Library Assistant. Oxfam’s public health team have also provided the community with latrines and two water pumps (There are 2 additional pumps donated by other NGOs).

Winston Kerbay
‘I am paid by REAP to be the Library Manger, but for teaching [reading] I am not paid. I have started a library schedule (lesson timetable) and we are starting an inventory of books. We have reading and group work to get all the students involved in reading and speaking English. In order to introduce the lessons you need creative methods, as many children do not speak English. We will dramatise three of our books here, so the students will grab what they are doing here in the reading class. If you dramatise the story they will be able to grasp the concept. In the first book [to be dramatised] we will learn the importance of communication – of greeting people