Diritto alla salute

Limar was born on 3 August the first child of Liqaa and Bassel who currently live in Zaatari camp.

This is what her mother Liqaa had to say:

“It was such a beautiful day for me and for my husband to see this sweet baby. I was so happy. After giving birth I was tired but after seeing her I forgot about my tiredness.

“I missed my family so much on that day. I was crying, and until now I miss them so much and think of going back but it’s not safe to go back. I wanted to go to give birth in Syria and be next to my family but it was too dangerous.

“Before giving birth I didn’t mind life inside the camp. My husband tried so much to get us out but I refused. But now it’s so difficult to raise a baby here. The climate is too hot for her during the day, and in the night it’s so cold. Hospitals here are not that good to get medicines and medical services. Adults can get by with the services we have here but for children it’s much harder.”

“What I wish from the international community is to help the Syrian people to find a political solution, to help us to go back to our country, to our life, to our future.

“I said earlier that we need peace in Syria for our children. Now that I’ve given birth to Limar it’s even more important for me and for her to have our country back, for her to grow up there with our family. I look forward to going back to Syria as soon as possible.”