Keira meets Martha NyaKuma Ley, 30 years old. Martha has three children, but lost one in the POC (Protection of Civilians) camp from measles. Her child is buried in a make-shift grave yard outside the camp.

She has two other children, the child sitting on her lap Nybula, has been diagnosed as severely malnourished. She has terrible diarrhea but they don’t know what exactly its from. They urgently need proper food, clean water and sanitation as diseases are spreading.

-Keira Knightley traveled with Oxfam to meet families who have been affected by recent conflict. -A conflict which has led to over 1.2 people being forced to leave their homes. -Many of the women Keira met have lost their husbands, and children, and are now left alone, desperately trying to provide for their families. In fear of there lives, experiencing unbearable trauma and unable to access the very basics they need to survive.- Conditions in the camp are awful. Sewage runs around the outside and there is a huge stagnant body of water in the middle. Diseases spread easily. Many lost children from measles when they first arrived in the camp, having to bury their children and husbands within months of one another. -Oxfam are doing all they can to stop the spread of disease by providing safe water and sanitation but the need is outgrowing the ability to respond due to lack of resources and the difficulties the rain poses. -Diseases are spreading fast and there is a recent outbreak of malaria in the camp, and malnutrition is growing daily due to lack of food and water born diseases.- It is relentless. Those not struggling with losing loved ones, their homes, fear of fighting breaking out, sexual attacks. Now mothers are scared of being able to keep their children alive, as diseases spread, and access to food is depleted. – There are now over 1 million people in desperate need for food and water.- Like in other camps, Oxfam are trying their hardest to provide for those most in need but we need more help. -We cannot afford to fail these women and children.