Adoaga Ousmane, aged 45, lives in Louga village in the GuÃÂéra region of Chad. Adoaga is a widow with eight children. She also cares for three of her grandchildren.

AdoagaâÃÂÃÂs sons are pictured following OxfamâÃÂÃÂs food distribution. Adoaga is clearly relieved to be able to feed her children.

âÃÂÃÂAll my worries have now left me and I am much calmer. I can find sleep more easily. If I eat like this more often then my stomach will be full and I will begin to grow stronger. I feel well today. Much better and calmer than before the food distribution and I have less worries now that we have enough food for a while. We are eating bigger portions and with more nutrition so my children and I can sleep much more easilyâÃÂÃÂ.