Ahmad Shadi Abdulla recieved 3 blankets during a distribution organised by Oxam Novib partner ‘Najdeh’. He has just arrived with his family from Yarmouk in Syria. In Yarmouk Ahmad made a living by selling goods (food etc)from a stall outside his house.

âÃÂÃÂI used to work selling things from my small stall, but we lost everything. We had to eat the stock we were supposed to sell and we gave a lot of food away to help other families.

âÃÂÃÂThe most important problem we are facing is how can we solve the war and end this terrible conflict? I expect we will lose everything; our house, our belongings; everything we had.
Ahmad has 2 wives and 5 children with him 3 girls 2 boys.
3 year old Bisan (girl)
8 year old Taleb (son)
Abdel Rahman, son , 8 yrs
Iman (girl) 18
Hiba (girl) 21