Oxfam Italia in South East Europe

Oxfam Italia is present in South East Europe (SEE) since the end of the Nineties with small interventions in North Albania.

Since 2003 the presence in other South East European countries is enhanced through the SeeNetProgramme “Local Governments as Engine of Development”, promoting the networking between local institutions in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, and Tuscany Region.
Oxfam Italia and its partners in SEE have focused to support local sustainable development and on the capacity building in local authorities and of civil society organizations. Find us on Facebook, visit our page and become fan!

Latest news

Hassan Hussein

Say stop. Together.

Because of unprecedented violence, millions of people are forced to leave their home countries. Fighting, abuse, hunger and persecution are forcing them to undertake the desperation routes, risking their and lives of their children, with insecure present, in search for the future. They are searching for solidarity and concrete assistance, to be able to reclaim normal lives.

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Seed distribution to farmers

Seeding seeds

In municipality Modriča Oxfam distributed for 40 families agricultural packages containing seeds (corn and vegetables) or seedlings (vegetables), plant production aids (fungicides, insecticides etc.) and fertilizers with a small impact on the environment.

Those 40 families, whose only income comes from agriculture, have been heavily affected by the last year’s floods, which took all of their yield for that year. All the families count 4 – 11 members. Beneficiaries have been identified together with the Municipality Modriča representatives. Read the article in English or in original language

During the visit

Improving access to markets for small-scale farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Egypt

“When it comes to agriculture in Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are some similarities in the way in which this area was regulated in each country and in the way of growing certain crops. However, a lot of original and fascinating things we have seen that can be applied in our cooperative work in Egypt. Mr Farghaly was a member of the team from CEOS development organisation (Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services), which, together with the beneficiaries of agricultural associations from Egypt, arrived for a study visit to OXFAM in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the article in english or in original language

Tarevci. 738 households were able to reconnect to the functional water supply system


Tarevci, rehabilitation of water supply network

In the area of the Local community Tarevci, water supply system, already troubled and deteriorated forty years old network, landslides have  damaged the network, causing water supply ruptures and significant water pressure degradation, affecting the water shortage in the households. In the predominantly agricultural households, water is essential for further existence.
In cooperation with the representatives of Local Community Tarevci and Corporate Governance “Water and Sewerage – Modrica”,  with the support of the Institute of Faculty of Civil Engineering Sarajevo experts, Oxfam carried out  the damaged pipeline repair and normalized water supply. Read the article in english and in original language

Handing out equipment

Handing out equipment

Working to improve lives in flood affected areas

Hundred families in Odžak, Domaljevac, Modriča, Šamac and Orašje were equipped with the water filters, as part of Oxfam WASH programme for flood-affected areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This comes after the analysis of water from 160 wells and public pipes in Posavina area (area along the river Sava, BiH side). The analysis of the samples, taken by the team of Oxfam experts, has shown that around 100 wells were contaminated and that water in them is not usable for human consumption. The filters are supplied as part of the response to those findings. Read the article in English and in original language

Participants at the European Researcher's Night

European Researcher’s Night

Researcher’s Night

Friday, 26th September 2014 was the Researcher’s Night, celebrated throughout Europe, on the same day, in over 200 towns. This year, four Towns in BiH also joined this Europe wide initiative, wishing to bring science closer to all citizens and to encourage considering science for the career by young people.

Oxfam is one of the organisers of the celebrations in BiH, together with the Hydro-Engineering Institute from Sarajevo and Tidea d.o.o. from Banja Luka. In partnership, we managed to get together with over 70 research institutions and SMEs from the country in this amazing science and innovation party, where everyone could talk to the scientists, enjoy the exhibitions and plays, check out the latest innovations at the science fair and participate in numerous quizzes, competitions, workshops, projections, and fun activities for all ages.
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Il MUM Museum Mostar poco prima dello Stari Most

MUM Museum Mostar

Opening of the MUM – Museum Mostar

On 23rd july 2014., as part of celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of the Old bridge reconstruction, MuM – Museum in Mostar has opened its door to the visitors and passers-by in Mostar.

This museum presents the valuable addition to the turistic and cultural offer of Mostar and Herzegovina.
The Museum is located in the Mostar city centre, in completely restaurated building, in the vicinity of Old bridge and one of the oldest parts of Mostar – Kujundžiluk. Read the article in English or in original language.

Mali vranac

Mali vranac

Birds without borders

“Birds without borders”, is the title of the awareness raising campaign on fighting against poaching and the protection of the birds habitats. The campaign is initiated by Oxfam and Centre for bird protection and research, in cooperation with partners Naše Ptice and  Novi val  from Bosna and Herzegovina, and Tivat Municipality from Montenegro. The campaign is part of project « ORNIBA-Bird species protection in the Balkans – Joint intervention of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro”.This intervention is primarily directed at the protection of Hutovo blato in BiH and Tivatska solila in Crna Gora, as part of the Adriatic flyaway. Read the article in English or in original language

Albania, Mri

Albania, Mri

Make possible to realize our dream

Mri’s family’s lives nearby Shkodra city, and is one of the families that migrated from remote areas after the collapse of communism in Albania in 1990.  Mri and her husband started their own traditional family business, so they could support their family. Oxfam project supported the family by providing solar panels for hot water and a stove; both helping the family with their business. Read the story in English and in original language

Duncan Green and Hugh Cole

Duncan Green and Hugh Cole meet BiH civil society representatives

Duncan Green, Oxfam Senior Strategic Adviser, and Hugh Cole, Oxfam GB Head of National Influencing team, met with civil society organisations in BiH on 17 and 18 June 2014. This meeting is part of continued support that Oxfam provides to CSOs in BiH, in strengthening their advocacy and activist capacities. Both guests noticed the great energy that CSOs in BiH invest in their work, but also the frustration with the decision makers in the country and danger of giving up on politics in campaigning for change.

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Nedzmija showing how high the water was

The level of the water

Nedžmija Music’s story

Nedzmija lives with her husband in Janja, a village south of Bijeljina. Before the floods, they had two green houses and five cows. They are  simple people, trying to live of their own work, but in the last four years the nature has turned against them twice, and this last time was dramatic. Their neighbour saved their cows while she and her husband had been trapped at home for three days by the raising water, which destroyed their greenhouses an killed all their chickens. Read the article in English

Delivering aid, such as hygiene kits

Delivering hygiene kits


Yesterday Oxfam team went to North Bosnia and Herzegovina, delivering some aid and assessing the urgent needs of people in this area, heavily hit by the flooding. In general, it is the desperate situation as in other parts of the country affected by floods. There is no electricity in the whole area still and water supplies are scarce, threatened by the pollution. Yet, high temperatures and floating dead animals present dangerous source of possible infections and diseases. Many volunteers are trying to address this problem, exposing themselves to health hazards, lacking the proper equipment. Read the article in English

Bosnia_Nijaz Hodzic showing how high the water was

Nijaz Hodzic


As our staff travelled to Bijeljina to assess the conditions of the region, in order to plan our intervention, they met Nijaz Hodžić and his wife Indira from Janja, near Bijeljina. They told us how they just managed to renovate the inside of their house few months ago,  investing also in the new furniture; now the floor and the furniture are completely destroyed, and they are forced to live in the loft until the house dries. Read their witnesses in English.

The flooding in Bijeljina


Floodings in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reports from Bijeljina

A witness, one of our staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reports the situation from Bijeljina region, in the North East of BiH.

Here, around 7.000 houses were flooded up to the roof, 10.000 and more people have evacuated.
The biggest worry is now the very survival of the people until the next planting season, since crops and fields were wiped out. Read the interviews and witnesses in the English version.

In Bosnia è emergenza per migliaia di persone


Floodings in the Balkans

The Balkans’ worst flooding since 120 years ago forced tens of thousands from their homes, triggering  landslides, unearthing mines from 1990s war. Oxfam is helping the population in need bringing clean water and food. Read the article in original language. Pročitaj cijeli članak

Alma Huseinbegovic

Alma Huseinbegovic

The story of Alma Huseinbegović from Konjic

Alma Huseinbegović is the Directress of the Cooperative of Agricultural Associations in the area of Konjic, north Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Cooperative serves as the umbrella for 700 members, 80 of which are women. Konjic is the largest municipality by the territory it covers in BiH, where many small farmers produce vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese and medical herbs. They all bring their products to the Cooperative, which helps them sell it and reach wider markets. When the producers can not sell it directly at the market, the cooperative buys it and takes care of the further sale.

The Cooperative also serves as the guarantor for the grants and credits when small farmers need it, while also providing technical support for them. Read the article in English or in original language

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Albania, Drande producing cheese in her dairy

Drande in her dairy

Drande’s dairy

The presence of a dairy, called “Velecik”, allowed all the families in the area to own more dairy animals (cows, sheep, and goats) and provide their own income. Oxfam is helping small holder farmers in Albania through improvement of the access to market and encourages the use of renewable energies through supply of solar panels, to help to reduce the costs of production. Read the article in English or in original language.


Mostar. The premiere of the play “Birds without borders” at the puppet theatre

Young actors grow

Orniba – Theatre play for children

The premiere of the play “Birds without borders” at the puppet theatre was performed on 8th March 2014 at the Mostar Youth theatre. The theatre play has been created for young children . The play has an  educational character who  teaches the children how they can contribute to the protection  of birds and help protect their natural habitat.

The theatre play is part of the project “ORNIBA- Bird species protection in Balkans: Joint intervention of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro” jointly implemented by Oxfam, Naše ptice and Novi Val from BiH, and Centre for protection and bird research and Tivat municipality from Montenegro. Read the article in English or in original language

Partecipants with their certificates


Deputy head Ambassador of the British embassy in BiH presented the certificates to the advocacy training participants

On Friday, 28. February 2014., representatives of ten NGO organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina were presented with certificates for the finalised advocacy training. This marks the end of the first phase of the project “Strengthening Civil Society Organisations Activism in BiH”, implemented by Oxfam BiH and supported by the British Government. The aim of the training is to strengthen NGOs as the facilitator of  positive dialogue between the citizens and decision makers and enable the application of their local initiatives in the general policy making, in order to improve  life conditions for all BiH citizens. Read the article in English or in local language

A demonstrator in Sarajevo


Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina: culmination of years of social injustice
Many years of ignorance by the leaders for the public complaints, protests, pickets, hunger strikes, and sit-ins have recently erupted in a joint movement throughout the country, with thousands of protesters taking to the streets at the same time every day for the last two weeks. Protests started on Wednesday, February 5 2014, organized by unemployed workers from 5 factories in Tuzla. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina want the society made for people, not for political- tycoon oligarchy, was the general requirement made by citizens. The International community present in the country has condemned the violence, but later supported the citizens democratic right to protest in the peaceful manner.  Read the entire article here

World Wetlands Day - Kids at work

Kids at work

World Wetlands Day marked in Tivat, Montenegro

On 2nd February 2014, the workshop was held to mark the World Wetlands Day “Tivat solila protected area management”.  The workshop was held under the cross-border cooperation project „ ORNIBA – Bird Species Protection in Balkans: Joint intervention by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro“, implemented by Oxfam in BiH, in cooperation with local partners. During the first part of the workshop, primary schools’ pupils in Tivat had the opportunity to learn more about birds’ life, importance of wetlands as their habitats and problems that those protected areas face. During the second part the situation in the protected area “Tivatska solila” was presented, praising activities as a good example of the cooperation of institutions in Montenegro on all levels. Read the article in English or in original language.

Albania, one of the drying buildings

One of the drying buildings

Helping families in Albania grow herbs safely

Sage, Lavender and Thyme continue to grow even where the  most tenacious vine cannot: keeping all those herbs safe is not always possible. In certain unlucky years, 60% of the harvest can be lost due to insufficient drying. This represents a huge economic loss for people who make their living from the harvest.

This is where Oxfam Italia stepped in and focused its intervention: on the most critical phase of drying. We  built two big drying systems that can dry 18 tons of sage in just 15 days, thanks to natural airing and a plain but efficient structure.  Read the news in English or in original language


Oxfam and the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina invite CSOs from BiH to participate in the project Strengthening Civil Society Organisations Activism in BiH. Click here to download the application form and the call in English and in local language.

ORNIBA ornitological kamp

In the field

ORNIBA ornitological kamp in October

During October, under the project „ ORNIBA – Bird Species Protection in Balkans: Joint intervention by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro“ ornithological camp was held in two locations: at Tivat Salina in Montenegro and Hutovo Blato in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main goal of the camp was to  observe the migration of birds along the Adriatic flyway during the autumn migration period. Read the news in English and in local language.

Presentations of the “Guidelines of Energy efficiency at national level”

The presentation

Cooperation on energy efficiency in Albania
From 19-25 October 2013  Oxfam organized presentations of the “Guidelines of Energy efficiency at national level” in five municipalities in Albania: Shkoder, Vau Dejes, Koplik, Puka and Fus Arrez. The guidelines are created for use by Municipalities and communes, their political representatives, administrative managers and experts who should play the greatest role in the energy sector, in reducing air pollution in the local or global environment, according to their situation. Read the news in English and in local language

During the “House of Crafts” opening on 24. October 2013. in Sarajevo,

The opening cerimony

House of Crafts opened in Sarajevo
“House of Crafts” was opened on 24. October 2013. in Sarajevo, a multi functional centre with the main purpose to promote and preserve precious traditional crafts, defining Sarajevo and its history for centuries. This centre is significant contribution to conservation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Baščaršija, while it also enriches the tourist offer of the city. Multi-functional character of “House of Crafts” is also reflected in the planned activities: certification of craftsman, promotional and marketing activities, informative exhibition and educational program, and sales of products and services. Read the article in English or in local language.

Bosnia Solar panels irrigate the greenhouse

Solar panels

First solar powered irrigation system in BiH
This year family Šahović introduced innovative approach to their vegetable growing business. With the assistance from Oxfam office in BiH, the greenhouses of family Šahović and other two families nearby, will be watered with the modern irrigation system on solar power. Solar-powered system in Filipovići will help those families reduce the costs in watering their greenhouses and open parcels with vegetables. Read the article in English or in local language.

Exhibitions of the works made under the project „Variolisation of the traditional crafts“

During the exhibition

Exhibitions of the works made under the project „Valorization of the traditional crafts“
During the week from 04-08 September 2013 three extraordinary exhibitions opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) – in Sarajevo, Trebinje and Široki Brijeg.

The works presented at the exhibitions are the result of cooperation of the students  from the Arts Academies in those three cities with the traditional crafts workshops, all under the project “Valorisation of the traditional crafts in BiH”, implemented by Oxfam in BiH, under the SeeNet programme. Read the news in English or in local language

Bosnia notte dei ricercatori IMG_5400

Researcher’s night

Oxfam one of the organizers of highly successful “Reasearcher’s night”

Oxfam in BiH joined with its partners – Institute for Hydrotechnicsin Sarajevo and Tidea doo in Banja Luka – to celebrate the science in “Researcher’s Night 2013” in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Two cities, Sarajevo and Banja Luka, have joined this European initiative of science celebrations, held in over 300 cities throughout Europe since 2005. Read the news in English and in local language.


“Researcher’s Night” in BiH
Oxfam office in BiH with partners Hydro-Engineering Institute Sarajevo (HEIS) and Tidea doo Banja Luka, has created a fun and exciting night out for all visitors who come an join the celebrations of science in Sarajevo and Banja Luka on 27th September 2013. Read the news in English and in local language.

Formazione alle apicoltrici a Shkoder, Albania. Credits: Oxfam Italia


Training in beekiping

The training in beekeeping for ten women in Shkoder, Albania, has started on Monday, 02 September 2013.  The training will last for 20 days in total, until April 2014. During the training, each woman will be provided with all necessary knowledge and equipment to start up the beekeeping, as an income generating activity. The training is part of Albania Domani project, supported by Cariplo foundation, while the training will be conducted by the beekeepers association of Shkoder. (Shoqata e Bletarise Shkodrane). Read the news in local language.

Tourist app

BiH Travel guide application updated

The first BiH Travel Guide application for smart phones is now updated with even more information for visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read the news in English and in local language.

Hiking in BH

Oxfam invites you to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Panda Avventure, in parternship with Oxfam Italia,  offers  a trip to introduce Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural beauties and history, supporting at the same time some of the sustainable tourism initiatives which Oxfam Italia has promoted under its projects in SEE. Read the news in English and in local language

GEM 2012

GEM 2012

GEM BiH 2012 report on state of entrepreneurship promoted in Sarajevo

Promotion of BiH GEM report was held on 25 May 2013 in Sarajevo, organised by Entrepreneurship Development Centre Tuzla. “GEM BIH 2012: Through entrepreneurial education to (self) employment of youth“ is created based on the results of largest worldwide academic project in entrepreneurship field, named  Entrepreneurship Monitor – GEM, presenting the most referential methodology for monitoring of the state of entrepreneurship in  the World.

Vocational certificates awarded to beekeepers in Dubrovnik


Vocational certificates awarded to beekeepers in Dubrovnik

At the official ceremony held on 07 May 2013 in Dubrovnik participants of the School for beekeepers have been awarded Vocational certificates for beekeeping.

This School, partially  financed by the Canton, is part of the activities under the project “Valorization of honey in Dubrovnik-Neretva Canton”, which is part of SeeNet programme

The Circle Italy visits BiH

The Circle Italy in BiH

The Circle Italy visits Oxfam Italy in BiH

Enrica Ghia, Camilla Bove, Isabella Boromeo and Maria Cecilia Andretta visited Oxfam regional office in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 25 – 29 April 2013. They are all members of the Circle of Oxfam in Italy, who wanted to get familiar with the ground work that Oxfam implements in South East Europe (SEE).

Read the news in English and local language

Discover our projects and our activities

Sun reduces bills for farmers in Albania

Prend in the grape yard with his mother (opposite) and our project manager, Margherita Cuni

Prend in the grape yard

In the field along the road leading to the small house, a man is bending over the watermelons. Behind his back tidy green lines of grape  start stretching all the way to the canal as its natural border.

On top of the house, bathing in the sun, is the solar panel, a piece of technical advancement sticking strangely out of the tranquillity of the village farm.

Traditional cheese helps return to rural areas

Bosnia Erzefovina, Dragana al mercato di Trebinje

Dragana at Trebinje

Dragana is a 33 years old woman, a mother of three children, living in Slavogosti, village near Ivanjica in Herzegovina, at the very border with Croatia. Before the last war, there were seven families living in this village.  Those families left for better and more secure life during the war.

Traditional cheese helps return to rural areas
Tradicionalni sir pomaze povratak ljudi u sela

What’s in the name of wine?

Josip nella sua cantina Credits: Oxfam Italia


2006 was a year of significance for a young man Josip Brkic. That is when he decided to produce vine with somewhat unusual twist in technology: completely reliant on the calendar of the phases of the moon, during the grapes picking as well as during the process of production in cold catacombs of vinery Brkic, in Citluk.

What’s the name of wine?
Sta je u imenu vina?

Support to Business Centre in Prijedor

Prijedor, dopo la ristrutturazione


Business Centre Prijedor is the example of the best work practice at local economic development level in South East Europe.

The centre was established by Prijedor municipality and is located in the administrative building of the ex cellulose and paper factory “Celpak”.

Podrska radu Poslovnog centra Prijedor

Protecting birds in Balkans

Bosnia, Hutovo blato

Hutovo blato

ORNIBA project started in January 2013, focusing on improvement of the protection of the endangered bird species in Balkans. Through a joint intervention between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, Oxfam Italia aims to contribute to the preservation of birdlife diversity in the Adriatic flyway migration route.

Protecting bird species in Balkans
Zastita pticijih vrsta na Balkanu

Travel guide App

Tourist app

In 2012 Oxfam Italia supported the design of the first comprehensive Travel Guide with navigation for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through the programme SEE Net. The Guide was created with an aim to promote the eco tourism in BiH, with the special emphasis on the valleys of rivers Una, Sana, Drina and Neretva. I

iPhone and Android BiH tourist guide applications
BiH turisticki vodic – aplikacija za  iPhone i Android aplikacija vodic za BiH