Present projects – Sadasnji projekti

28 Marzo 2013
Present projects – Sadasnji projekti

Present projects – Sadasnji projekti




Gorazde – Business Improvement Zone – The project aims to contribute to economic growth and employment generation in Gorazde area through development of Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) for SMEs and entrepreneurship development. Gorazde – Zona unapređenog poslovanja

Dinaridi, Albania

PAI – Innovative environmental policies along and around the Via Dinarica: identification of environmentally sustainable pathways

The project aims to improve knowledge of environment protection and services related to the environment in local institutions, civil associations, and among entrepreneurs and civil society entities  in the Dinaric belt area

The project aims to increase the ability of CSOs in BiH to organise and conduct advocacy campaigns and secure the funds for implementation of campaigns. Jačanje aktivizma organizacija civilnog društva u BiH

To enhance the role of education, to build capacity and demonstrate technology to Albanian and BiH population. Znanje o obnovljivoj energiji i transfer tehnologije u Albaniji i Bosni i Hercegovini


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zepa - picnic spot on Drina lake

Support the promotion of structures of widespread hospitality in the Drina Valley
To improve the tourist attractiveness of Drina Valley rural territories through the promotion of a sustainable tourist offer and the participation of civil society organizations. Podrska promociji struktura difuznog smjestaja u dolini rijeke Drine


Bosnia and Herzegovina. Solar panels in a household in Konjic

Renewable Energy Technologies in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina
To adopt renewable energy technologies in targeted rural poor communities for increasing efficiency in energy consumption at household/community level thus increasing competitiveness of SMEs operating in agribusiness and eco-tourism.
To promote at national and local level the adoption of clean energy policies and programs. Tehnologija obnovnljivih izvora energije u Albaniji i Bosni i Hercegovini

Albania, beekeepersAlbania Tomorrow

To support the socio-economic local development in a wide area from the Northern to the Southern Albania, concentrating efforts on the strengths and potentials of target territories and promoting the collaboration between public institutions, local associations, private entrepreneurs and Albanian diaspora in Italy. Albanija sutra

Aegithalos caudatus - dugorepa sjenica

ORNIBA – Bird species Protection in Balkans
To contribute to the preservation and valorisation of birdlife diversity in the Adriatic Flyway migration route by sustaining joint interventions between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. ORNIBA – Zatita pticijih vrsta na Balkanu