Samira arrived from Syria 3 days ago. She is living in a self made shelter with just one room, which she shares with 12 other people.
She has made an appointment to register with UNHCR but could wait months between registering and receiving any aid. In the meantime she has no food, barely any blankets and is living in squalid conditions.
Samiraâs home is made from one wall of breezeblocks and finished with plastic sheeting and cardboard boxes. The floor is wet and icy cold, outside snow melts into the ground creating icy mud.

âI cannot get any sort of sleep at night. I just canât stop thinking about how to feed my children and how to protect them. Sometimes I try and sell things that I have in order to get some money for food for the children. â

âI am 45 years old and a widow. I have 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls. My eldest child is 31 and my youngest is 13. All of my boys are here but two of my daughters are in Jordan and one of my daughters has stayed in Syria with her husband….

âWe decided to come to Lebanon because of the fighting that was taking place. The shelling and the shooting were happening whilst we were trying to live peacefully in our homes. It has been eight months since I left my home, I have no idea what happened to it we just had to leave it behind and escaped because of the fighting.â

âAt first I was very reluctant to move to Lebanon, I changed my mind a lot but finally I decided to come here. We couldnât get any food anymore, we couldnât live our lives, we lost our jobs and we worried that we couldnât stay alive.â