âÃÂÃÂI miss the smell of Jasmine; I miss a beautiful morning âÃÂæI miss Syria, I miss my country.âÃÂÃÂ

Ammar, 37, his wife Um Saeed and their 3 children have been living in Jordan since January 2013 and for the past three months they have been living in a three-room home in BaqaâÃÂÃÂa camp, just outside Amman.

BaqaâÃÂÃÂa was once a tented refugee camp following an influx of Palestinian refugees in 1968 âÃÂàbut now itâÃÂÃÂs made up of basic stone dwellings that are poorly-built. Ammar used to be a tailor back in Syria and says he had a good life.

He remembers: âÃÂÃÂI was a citizen like everybody else. I had a committed life, living with my family in safety and peace and we had a good life.âÃÂÃÂ

But AmmarâÃÂÃÂs home here in Jordan suffers from damp and is extremely cold.

âÃÂÃÂWe canâÃÂÃÂt afford to live here, I canâÃÂÃÂt afford the rent fees which are 100 Jordanian Dinars a month (about $140). We have no money âÃÂànot even enough to eat,âÃÂàhe says. Ammar feels isolated in the camp, has few friends and struggles to find the confidence to get out of the house.

Oxfam has provided Ammar and his family with hygiene vouchers, cash for rent and water filters.