Daily life in West Point, Monrovia, an area that was severly affected by the Ebola outbreak. Oxfam has called for a multi-million dollar post-Ebola ‘Marshall Plan’ to put the three West Africa countries hit by the crisis back on their feet: The world cannot dither on putting the countries’ economies on an inclusive growth plan as it did on the Ebola response.

Visiting Liberia, Oxfam GB’s chief executive Mark Goldring said: “People need cash in their hands now, they need good jobs to feed their families in the near future and decent health, education and other essential services. They’ve gone through hell, they cannot be left high and dry".

“The world cannot walk away now that, thankfully, cases of this deadly disease are dropping. Failure to help these countries after surviving Ebola will condemn them to a double-disaster. The world was late in waking up to the Ebola crisis, there can be no excuses for not helping to put these economies and lives back together.”

People are struggling to make ends meet as their incomes plummet. Oxfam’s research in three Liberian counties found that 73 per cent of families have seen their incomes decline, with an average income drop of 39 percent. Oxfam is planning to increase its work to help communities recover from the crisis while still maintaining its Ebola prevention work. It is planning to give substantial cash grants to vulnerable families and rehabilitate water and sanitation facilities

So far in its response to the Ebola crisis Oxfam has helped 445,000 in Liberia.