Faadomo Hirsi and her grandson wheel their daily allowance of two 20-litre jerrycans back to their house. Faadomo’s husband died a few years ago and she now looks after seven people – her children, grandchildren and her elderly mother.
“These two cans last us one day – we use the water for cooking, drinking, washing and the animals. I used to have 20 goats, but now there are only five left and even those are very weak. 15 died in the past month. I have to give some of the water to the goats to keep them alive – there is no other place they can get it.
“Most days I buy 500g of rice, 250g of sugar and 250g of flour from the market in the village. With some maize and some tea, that is all we eat nowadays. The prices are always going up. Half a kilogramme of rice costs me $0.80 – in January it cost $0.50.
“Now we eat less – we have two meals a day instead of three. We used to have pasta, dates, milk and meat – now we just have those (above). The children used to drinks lots of milk, but it is no longer available. You can feel the weight of the children getting less each month.”