[JB INTERVIEW] A family sit in a temporary shelter in in an abandoned shopping center in Dede Al Koura after they ran out of money to pay the rent for the room in which they were staying.
They were planning to seek refuge at a local bedouin camp and had gathered wood and a plastic sheet with which to build a basic tent. Later, they decided to erect the sheet to create a makeshift room for themselves inside a public area of the centre.
The centre is home to some 90 Syrian families and has been connected to a nearby municipal water tower but still only receives water sporadically. The residents live with few possessions in bare tiled rooms that used to be shops.
Oxfam is planning to help improve the water supply for the centre and register the families to allow them to receive cash transfers to meet the $100 per month rent that they are paying the centre’s owner.
[Sam Tarling/Oxfam]