What we do – Sta radimo

9 Aprile 2013
What we do – Sta radimo

What we do – Sta radimo

Our goal in SEE countries is to contribute to reduction of poverty and improvement of lives and living conditions for people living in marginalized rural areas.

Following this main goal, Oxfam Italia interventions aim to:
• protect the environment and promote asustainable use of natural resources
• promote traditional agriculture and eco-tourismas an income generation activity in rural areas
• valorise the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of South East European territories
• improve the environment for the self-entrepreneurship and the definition of sound and sustainable economic policies
In our work we apply participatory, integrated and multidisciplinary approach, aiming to encourage dialogue between communities.

Bosnia Erzegovina. Il formaggio nel sacco è presidio Slow Food. Credits: Oxfam Italia

Traditional cheese from the sheepskin sack

To fulfil its main goal Oxfam Italia in SEE cooperates with:

• Local communities, to promote their participation in territorial planning and in policy making processes
• Civil society organizations, to strengthen their capacity to play more accountable and participative role in contributing to pro-poor policies and in making the management of public affairs more transparent and effective
• Local Authorities, at national and local level, to build their capacity for local development through good and more effective governance, sustainable planning and valorisation of the territorial resources