It takes 200 million hours to women to get clean water every day all around the world


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For each item purchased on LVRSustainable, Luisa Via Roma supports Oxfam by guaranteeing 500 liters of water, enough for a family to drink, wash and cook for a week. In this way, women, who traditionally have the task of taking water in fragile contexts, will have more time for their personal and professional growth, reducing social inequalities that make them more vulnerable to discrimination, abuse and violence.

One in three people in the world today cannot use sources of safe water for drinking or bathing. One in two people, on the other hand, does not have sanitation facilities, with the risk of contracting diseases such as COVID-19, cholera, typhus or dysentery, which in already very poor countries can cause more victims of war. Before the pandemic, water shortages killed around 830,000 people each year, forced to drink and wash with dirty or contaminated water, and led to 800 children under 5 to get sick every day.

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“Bringing safe water to those in need”: this is the goal that Oxfam, the humanitarian organization that is dedicated to reducing global poverty through development projects and humanitarian aid – launches together with LVRSUSTAINABLE through the new “GIVE WATER, SUSTAIN WOMEN” campaign on the LUISAVIAROMA website.

You too can help and join #givewatersustainwomen

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Donate here

20 Euro

you can guarantee a community of 100 people clean water, thanks to purifying bags able to make dirty or contaminated water drinkable

55 Euro

support the installation of a drip irrigation system for cultivation of a vegetable garden so that a cooperative of women can strengthen their autonomy

100 Euro

donate 20 containers to transport and store purified water in a practical and safe way, protected from germs and bacteria to a community.

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Every euro donated to Oxfam is used in this way

Tax benefits

Both individuals and companies can enjoy tax benefits for donations made for Oxfam. Keep the postal money order’s receipt, the payment advice for deposits made by bank transfer, copy of the cheque or the bank statement for payments made by credit card. Every year, in March, we will send you a summary of your donation of the previous year.
For more information contact us at 800.99.13.99 or write us at
[email protected]