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For each purchase you make on #LVRSustainable, LuisaViaRoma will contribute to one hour of entrepreneurial business incubation for women to develop ideas and start their own businesses.

By supporting women and strengthening their independence, their power, and their skills; we also help their families and communities to flourish both socially and economically.

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For each item purchased, you will contribute to one hour of entrepreneurial business incubation.

1 purchase on LVRSustainable = 1 hour of business incubation

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On average around the world, women are paid 24% less than men for comparable jobs and nearly two-thirds of the 781 million illiterate adults are women, a proportion that has remained unchanged for two decades.

Discrimination, gender-based violence and lack of access to the labour market caused by a social structure with a patriarchal connotation make women’s conditions fragile.

Women represent the majority of those who live in poverty: they have fewer resources, power, and influence. Every day, in every country women face discrimination, violence, abuse, and unequal treatment at home, at work, and in their communities. Gender inequality is a key factor in poverty and is a denial of women’s fundamental rights in all contexts where Oxfam operates.


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Every euro donated to Oxfam is used in this way

Tax benefits

Both individuals and companies can enjoy tax benefits for donations made for Oxfam. Keep the postal money order’s receipt, the payment advice for deposits made by bank transfer, copy of the cheque or the bank statement for payments made by credit card. Every year, in March, we will send you a summary of your donation of the previous year.
For more information contact us at 800.99.13.99 or write us at
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