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Sustainable growth and employment are common concerns among the partner countries in the southern Mediterranean region, where 5 million jobs need to be created on a yearly basis to ensure social inclusion. The largest reservoir of jobs remains within the 6 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that account for 90% of total employment, but still have a minor contribution to sustainable growth. The creation of more productive and efficient enterprises can fuel economic growth and create demand for skilled labour, generate better-paid jobs and contribute to social stability.

Boosting economic inclusiveness, employability and job creation through social enterprises, require capable business support institutions, inclusive financing mechanisms, serious engagement of unconventional stakeholders (such as municipalities, private sector businesses and academia), meaningful collaboration at a national, regional and international levels, in addition to an evidence-based policy, an enabling legal environment, and a transparent and accountable regulatory mechanisms in favor of social justice and economic development, adapted to local contexts and conditions.

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Promote an enabling environment in the Southern Mediterranean partner countries for the development of the social entrepreneurship sector as a driver for inclusive growth and job creation.

Increase economic inclusiveness and employment in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine where adequate policies on social entrepreneurship are in place, public-private dialogue and exchanges of practices are promoted and high quality services for social enterprises are provided.

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At Macro Level: Promoting country and cross-country policy and advocacy initiatives and public-private dialogue to create an enabling regulatory and policy environments

At Meso Level: Reinforcing 60 social entrepreneurship support organizations through capacity-building and networking activities

At Micro Level: Providing financial and technical support to 100 social enterprises.

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  • Carry-out national and regional analyses of the main social entrepreneurship perceptions, actors and priorities including barriers to, and economic impact of, women and youth entering the regional labour force.
  • Conduct policy and advocacy initiatives on the importance of social entrepreneurship as a mechanism for inclusive growth and job creation at national and cross-country level.
  • Enhance public-private debate and stimulate initiatives and policies supporting social entrepreneurship for women and youth.
  • Conduct national needs assessment and provide capacity building for targeted social entrepreneurship support organizations.
  • Provide technical support to develop innovative products and services targeting social enterprises.
  • Promote networking activities between social entrepreneurship support organizations and local financial institutions.
  • Organize exchange and networking events between public and private key stakeholders and their counterparts in the EU and in the Southern neighbourhood.
  • Set up sub granting schemes for financial support to selected social enterprises.
  • Provide technical assistance services for the development of viable social enterprises.
  • Collect good practices of promising social enterprises and disseminating them at national, regional and European level.
  • Define a strategy for the replication of successful social enterprises.
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In light of the current evolution of COVIS-19 outbreak, for the present recruitment, Oxfam Italy, in coordination with the project donor, decided the following:

  • to postpone the end of the Mid-Term Evaluation to 31 July 2020 and to update the indicative timetable for the foreseen deliverables, consequently (refer to point 15, page 12, of Updated_ToR_MTE_MedUp_21Feb20_Final);
  • to reschedule the deadline for the submission of the proposal to Oxfam Italy on 18 March 2020 at 16:00 Rome (Italy) time.

All the details on the mandate and the application procedure can be found at the following link:

Design and Establishment of a Youth, Employment and Entrepreneurship Knowledge Portal

Deadline for submission of proposals: 20/09/2020 at 23.59 CET

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Tunisia – Social Entrepreneurship Country Study

Tunisia – Needs Assessment of SEs and SESOs

Egypt – Social Entrepreneurship Country Study

Egypt – Needs Assessment of SEs and SESOs

Jordan – Social Entrepreneurship Country Study

Jordan – Needs Assessment of SEs and SESOs

Palestine – Social Entrepreneurship Country Study

Palestine – Needs Assessment of SEs and SESOs

Lebanon- Social Entrepreneurship Country Study and SEs and SESOs Needs Assessment

Morocco – Social Entrepreneurship Country Study and SEs and SESOs Needs Assessment

MENA Region Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems: Challenges and Opportunities

WSE Policy Paper

Women and social entrepreneurship: a regional perspective in the southern Mediterranean countries.

DIESIS – Reports on the macro-level of social economy in the MedUP! countries:





Case studies:

Lebanon – Legal Registration Case Study

Lebanon – Lessons from the Lebanese Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Palestine – Social Enterprise, Women’s Empowerment and Access to Finance

Lebanon – Obstacles faced by Women Social Entrepreneurs and the efforts of support organizations in creating and enabling environment for entrepreneurial activities in Lebanon

Lebanon – Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon Impact Assessment 2019-2020


Capacity Building for Social Entrepreneurship Support Organisations

Peer Exchange Manual

Scaling and Replication: A way to grow your impact

Good Practices Story Book:

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean Region. GOOD PRACTICES

MedUp! achievements

Infographic and Factsheet

Access to Finance for SEs

Fact sheet


Macro Level – Resources for policy actors 

Webinar 1 – Introduction to the Spanish Social Economy Ecosystem

Webinar 2 – The Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool (OECD/EC)

Meso Level – Resources for Social entrepreneurship support organizations 

Webinar 1 – Convening Unlikely Allies & Building Ecosystems

Webinar 2 – Building Entrepreneurial Support Communities

Webinar 3 – Space as a Convener for Communities

Regional webinar – Financial Strategy and Fundraising

Regional workshop 1 & 2 – Impact Measurement for SESO and Social Entrepreneurs

Regional workshop 3 – Stakeholder Mapping and Partnership

Regional workshop 4  – Effective Communication for Social Entrepreneurs

Gender and WSE Regional workshop

Day 1 – WSE and Financial Inclusion

Day 2 – WSE and Care

Day 3 – WSE and Decent Work

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This project is co-funded by the European Union

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Cristian Bevacqua, Regional Project Coordinator
[email protected]

Jessica Valerani, Communication Officer
[email protected]