12 Maggio 2014

Innovative environmental policies along and around the Via Dinarica


PAI – Innovative environmental policies along and around the Via Dinarica: identification of environmentally sustainable pathways

Dinaridi, Albania
Dinaridi, Albania

Areas of intervention

Activities will be implemented in certain pilot territories belonging to the Dinaric Alps ecosystem, such as:
• Zadrani area (municipality Blinisht, Bushat, Dajc, Hajmel, Vau Dejes) on the slopes of the Dinaric Alps and in the northern part of the Scutari District o (Scutari and Koplik, Puka, Fus Arrez) in Albania;
• Olympic mountains around Sarajevo (municipality of Konjic and Trnovo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Podrinje (Foca) in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• Area of the Piva river (Plužine) and Tara river (Mojkovac) in Montenegro;
• Area of Zlatibor (Uzice) in Serbia.


To improve knowledge of environment protection and services related to the environment in local institutions, civil associations, and among entrepreneurs and civil society entities  in the Dinaric belt area


Oxfam Italia (lead applicant, NGO), Cospe (Italian NGO), Municipality of Arezzo (in Tuscany region), EU-Energy Efficiency Center and Intercomunale della Zadrima (Albania), Zanapredak – Montenegro Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Entrepreneurship (CG), Adventure Tourism Association (B&H), Tourist organization of Užice (SRB)
Donor Region Tuscany (Italy)



24 months (start of the project Spring 2014)

Based on the scientific data gathered the project team will establish main areas of intervention and will work on:

1. Citizens’ needs and perception analysis related to environmental protection and services at local level, and exchange of experiences among local authorities on good/innovative policies related to environmental policies.
2. Stakeholders’ mapping and analysis of elements that are needed to improve ecotourism product, organization of workshops to present how to link each territory to the Via Dinarica and to discuss how to face the identified gaps.
3. Definition of principles of eco sustainability to be applied to tourist business in Via Dinarica, discussion and presentation to entrepreneurs and local authorities.
4. Support to new business ideas that are related to environment (green jobs) through micro-grants (pilot activity in Konjic – B&H – and Mojkovac – CG).
5. Awareness campaign about energy efficiency and rational use of energy, analysis of the energy requirements of small eco tourism business and marginalized rural/mountain houses, identification of innovative ideas to improve their energy efficiency and definition of a baseline to calculate the energy saving.
6. Identification of new common project ideas.
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