25 Luglio 2014

MUM – Opening of Museum in Mostar

Il MUM Museum Mostar poco prima dello Stari Most
The MUM Museum Mostar at the Stari Most

Opening of Museum in Mostar

On 23rd july 2014., as part of celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of the Old bridge reconstruction, MuM – Museum in Mostar has opened its door to the visitors and passers-by in Mostar.

This museum presents the valuable addition to the turistic and cultural offer of Mostar and Herzegovina.

Located in the Mostar city centre, in completely restaurated building, in the vicinity of Old bridge and one of the oldest parts of Mostar – Kujundžiluk, MuM challenges clasaical exibition-like concept, and offers multi-sensual experience of pictures, suggestions, sounds, video-performances and valuable items that transform the museum in the treasure box of emotions offering the story about the inseparable connection between the human being, the earth, and the river that flows through here, which was always called liquid deity.

Entering MuM transforms the passive user into active visitor, able to interact with the ambiance, thanks to the the flow of the story telling and virtual order created to introduce visitor to the colorful and complex treasure that Herzegovina has to offer.

Meeting of different cultures, enogastronomic tradition, people’s lifes and the landscape stretching between the water and the earth, present the thematic units, that you, as a visitor, can explore.
The whole unique and rich world awaits for you to discover it!
So, next time you visit Mostar, let the new Museum of Mostar be your new starting point in exploring Herzegovina and the tresures within it!
The museum is a result of Region Toscany, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Oxfam cooperation with the City of Mostar and Museum of Herzegovina, under the SEENet programme.
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