21 Marzo 2014

Orniba – Theatre play for children

Mostar. The premiere of the play “Birds without borders” at the puppet theatre
Young actors grow

Orniba – Theatre play for children

The premiere of the play “Birds without borders” at the puppet theatre was performed on 8th March 2014 at the Mostar Youth theatre. The theatre play has been created for young children . The authors of the play are young professionals from Mostar: Bojan Beribaka (story line and song lyrics), Ivana Radić (scene) and Peđa Hart (music).

The theatre play is part of the raising awareness campaign in youth aiming to introduce the young generation to the world of birds as well as making them aware about the problems related to the prevention of poaching, problems related to preservation of the eco-system and the influence of the changes within the habitat of the birds on their lives and number.

The play was created  as a  result of the ideas and suggestions coming from  children, through the workshops and visits to the areas  where it is was obvious how the humans violate the life of birds. All these ideas have been formed in a play by the creative young drama artists from Mostar. The imaginative and unique  designs of the puppets, a story line that will surely captivate the attention of children and very educational song lyrics are fun for the children. However it is important to point out that  the play has an  educational character who  teaches the children how they can contribute to the protection  of birds and help protect their natural habitat.

Mostar. The play was created as a result of the ideas and suggestions coming from children
A moment of the play

After the premiere, the play will continue to be  performed at many primary schools throughout BiH and Montenegro during 2014.

The theatre play is part of the project “ORNIBA- Bird species protection in Balkans: Joint intervention of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro” jointly implemented by Oxfam, Naše ptice and Novi Val from BiH, and Centre for protection and bird research and Tivat municipality from Montenegro. The project is financed by European Union, through instrument for pre-accession (IPA) within the Cross-border cooperation Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro.
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