19 Settembre 2013

Renewable Energy Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Albania and in Bosnia Herzegovina


“Renewable Energy Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Albania and in Bosnia –Herzegovina”

Areas of intervention
Albania: 5 municipalities – Shkoder, Koplik, Fus arrez, Puka and Vau dejes situated in the Shkoder region, North part of the country
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 7 municipalities – Foča, Ustikolina, Goražde, Bratunac, Srebrenica, Konjic and Trnovo


To enhance the role of education, to build capacity and demonstrate technology to Albanian and BiH population.


Province of Arezzo, Italy
La Fabbrica del Sole, Italy
Donor CEI  – Center for European Initiatives



1. January 2013 – 1. December 2014

Project activities will encompass 5 municipalities in Albania, situated in Shkoder region in the North part of the country, which are characterized by large rural population (89%), mountainous areas and abundance of natural resources. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it encompasses 7 municipalities in BiH located along the river Drina (Foča, Ustikolina, Goražde, Bratunac and Srebrenica) and upper Neretva Valleys (Konjic, Trnovo), which are characterized by great potential for renewable energy production due to natural resources (wood, water, sunlight).

This project is strongly linked to presently ongoing project “Renewable Energy Technologies in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina”, supported by IFAD – International Fund for Agricultural Development, which aims to provide renewable energy equipment for agriculture and tourism sectors.
The project will contribute to the capacity building on the renewable energies resources of different local key players, such as manufacturers, installers, dealers and ordinary people, offering tailor-made trainings for technicians, courses and awareness for the population about advantages of using renewable energies.
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