Toward the good status of Drina river water

18 Giugno 2013
Toward the good status of Drina river water

Toward the good status of Drina river water: Civil Society Organizations’ actions to promote private-public partnerships for a better river management


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Visegrad


Areas of intervention

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Municipalities of Višegrad, Bratunac and Srebrenica (along the Drina Valley)
To empower civil society organizations in supporting the creation of multi-stakeholder partnerships finalized for the achievement of good status of Drina river water in accordancethe EU Water Framework Directive
Women Association “Priroda” – Bratunac, Non-governmental organizations “TIDA” – Srebrenica and (associate partner) “Prijatelji Srebrenice” – Srebrenica Donor European Union
December 2010 – October 2012


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gruber spa in Srebrenica

Gruber spa in Srebrenica

Activities included

Enhancement of Local Environmental Action Plan at inter-Municipal level, analysis of Drina Water sub-Agency (planned in the Water Law) establishment process and best EU practices in Water Agency creation and management, the development of recommendations for advocacy purposes, implementation of pilot actions to reduce waste on Drina through the allocation of garbage containers and micro-grants to reduce illegal dumpsites, and educative and demonstrative activities.