29 Aprile 2013

What is in the name of wine


Josip’s story

Josip nella sua cantina

2006 was a year of significance for a young man Josip Brkic. That year he decided to produce wine with an unusual twist in technology: completely reliant on the calendar of the phases of the moon, during the grapes picking as well as during the process of production in cold catacombs of winery Brkic, in Citluk. (more)

Wine „Mjesecar“ (Moonwalker)  got its name for this link with the moon. It is the first biodynamic wine produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reflecting fully the passion of its producer, Josip. The moon phases are also followed in mixing  the wine sediment, as well as in finalisation of its bouquet. The grape for his wine is grown exclusively or almost exclusively manually. There is another novelty that Josip introduced: he was the first wine producer in BiH to use barrels made of Bosnian oak. So, his wine, produced from the grape grown in the Herzegovina sun,  matures in barrels made in village Prusac, near Bugojno.

Mjesecar wine brings together the heat of Herzegovinian sun and robust nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating a mystique pallet of passion, representing the quiet and elegant symbiosis of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Josip Brkic is proud of his wine and is proud of his decision to stay in BiH, to maintain his family traditions. He shows it through his stories of growing the wineyards, of the wine he is dreaming to produce, of the family tradition. He succeeded in creation of a network of producers and the association of sommeliers in BiH and has managed to make his tradition a small business to maintain his young family.

Josip is part of the Herzegovina wine route, supported by Oxfam Italy through SeeNet program. This route is also one of the features in the iPhone Travel Guide application, developed under another project of Oxfam in SEE.

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