Health is a right for all – La salute è un diritto per tutti ARABIC version

Health is a right for all

An experience of territorial cooperation between Tuscany, Lebanon and UNDP Lebanon to promote the right to health and more equitable access to quality care

THE CORE OF THE DOCUMENT: From 2007 to the present day, the Regional Government of Tuscany, the Municipality of Arezzo, the Tuscan local health authority ASL Sud Est, Oxfam Italia and the Francesco Redi Centre, in partnership with UNDP Lebanon, have implemented a decentralized cooperation process in order to address the basic needs of citizens in Southern Beirut municipalities, as expressed by their majors, and to contribute to a better access to health care in Lebanon.
This document aims to share the knowledge acquired during the decentralized cooperation relationship between Tuscany and Lebanon by focusing on the partnership dimension and highlighting those elements that can be replicated at national level.