GEM BiH 2012 report on state of entrepreneurship promoted in Sarajevo

GEM 2012 presentation

GEM 2012 presentation

Promotion of BiH GEM report was held on 25 May 2013 in Sarajevo, organised by Entrepreneurship Development Centre Tuzla. “GEM BIH 2012: Through entrepreneurial education to (self) employment of youth“ is created based on the results of largest worldwide academic project in entrepreneurship field, named  Entrepreneurship Monitor – GEM, presenting the most referential methodology for monitoring of the state of entrepreneurship in  the World.

In the introductory part, Mr Sorinel Ghetau, Director of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Department of Oxfam Italia, also addressed the participants, joined by doc.dr. Sanjin Halimovic, minister of Ministry of Development, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship of Federation of BiH, Mike Chambers, team leader of the Swiss project of youth employment (YEP) and ex-director of Prince Charles Fund for entrepreneurship, as well as  prof.dr. Bahrija Umihanic, manager oft he  GEM team Bosnia i Herzegovina.

This year GEM report is focused on interaction between entrepreneurial education and youth employment in BiH, and self-employment initiative through start-up of the own SMEs.

There were more than 198.000 adults participating in the research in 69 countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, where  75% of world population lives and earns 87% of world GNI.

Main conclusion at the presentation was that youth involvement in entrepreneurship is limited and that they mostly embark upon the entrepreneurial activities out of necessity, due to high rate of unemployment amongst young people in BiH.  This, combined with the lack of entrepreneurial education in formal and informal education system, lead to recommendation that the attention of all relevant stakeholders needs to be focused on development of youth entrepreneurship in BiH.

Promotion was attended by around 70 participants, mostly lecturers in entrepreneurship, representatives of governmental, non-governmental and business sector, as well as scientists, professors and students.

Promotion of this report was supported by Oxfam Italia and BH Telecom.
Partner of GEM  project in BiH for 2012. Is the University in Tuzla. Publication of the report was supported by Ministry of Development, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship of Federation of BiH, Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton, Municipality Tuzla, Microcredit organisation „Prizma“  and YEP – Project for the employment of youth.
GEM report for BiH free download (in local language only) can be found here
Full Global report in English language can be found here