22 Maggio 2014

Indira and Nijaz Hodzic story

Nijaz Hodzic e la moglie Indira di fronte alla loro casa, quasi interamente ricoperta d'acqua
Nijaz Hodzic with Indira

Indira and Nijaz Hodzic story

Nijaz Hodžić and his wife Indira from Janja, near Bijeljina, just managed to renovate the inside of their house few months ago,  investing also in the new furniture; now the floor and the furniture are completely destroyed, and they are forced to live in the loft until the house dries. Nijaz says that the flooding came during the night and it was scary. He woke up during the night, and, to his horror, stepped in the water, which was rising constantly. They had no time to save anything, but their lives.

The two of them spent the rest of the night up in the loft, in complete darkness, since there was no electricity. Nijaz said it was horrifying to sit in the loft, complete darkness around them, not knowing how high the water will rise and will they have to evacuate to the top of the roof. The only sound they could hear is kind of roaring one, of water constantly rising.

Bosnia_Nijaz Hodzic showing how high the water was
The water rose up to Nijaz’s chest



At the dawn, they looked down through the entrance to the loft, only to realise the water has filled their home completely. They immediately realised it is all gone, all of their possessions, but were happy they are alive.

They spent three days in the loft, before the water retreated to the floor level. “Water never reached our house before, maybe a bit of garden, only, but this time it terrible, says Indira, while Nijaz was showing us the level the water reached and the damage to the house.
The two of them found out later that all their wood for heating they bought to dry over summer, was gone. Water had taken it away. Also, in their small garden, they were growing small quantity of vegetables for their own use. It is still there in the garden, amazingly, but it is not edible, since it is all contaminated by polluted water, and covered in sand.


Hodzic house inside
Hodzic house inside


They both started working as soon as it was possible, cleaning up and taking the flooring out. The water was still surrounding the house, they said, but they want to go back to normal as soon as possible.

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