16 Dicembre 2014

Tarevci, rehabilitation of water supply network


Tarevci, rehabilitation of water supply network

Tarevci. 738 households were able to reconnect to the functional water supply system
The new water supply system

Tarevci, located on one of the last slopes of the mountain Trebava and Posavska lowland, is one of the most organized rural local communities of Modrica Municipality.

Bad weather and heavy rainfall in May 2014 on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina have resulted in several days of floods and landslides, which led to the destruction of water infrastructure along with other problems.

In the area of the Local community Tarevci, water supply system, already troubled and deteriorated forty years old network, landslides have  damaged the network, causing water supply ruptures and significant water pressure degradation, affecting the water shortage in the households. In the predominantly agricultural households, water is essential for further existence.

In cooperation with the representatives of Local Community Tarevci and Corporate Governance “Water and Sewerage – Modrica”,  with the support of the Institute of Faculty of Civil Engineering Sarajevo experts, Oxfam carried out  the damaged pipeline repair and normalized water supply.

Zijad Dugic, president of the Local community Tarevci, pointed out that, due to planned and organized efforts of all parties involved, more than 3,300 affected residents living in 738 households were able to reconnect to the functional water supply system.

Among the 47 children that each generation in elementary school in Tarevci has, we have met Belma and Kenan, two second grade pupils that were smiling because of the rehabilitated uninterrupted water flows.
“With the rehabilitated water supply network, in  full capacity, we can look forward to  the development of rural tourism through the traditional cultural events Summer in Tarevci and Cetenijada,  but also to  the strengthening of local farms – many orchards and small livestock farms”, said Dugic.

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