29 Aprile 2015

Seeding the future

Pause during distribution

In municipality Modriča Oxfam distributed for 40 families agricultural packages containing seeds (corn and vegetables) or seedlings (vegetables), plant production aids (fungicides, insecticides etc.) and fertilizers with a small impact on the environment.

Those 40 families, whose only income comes from agriculture, have been heavily affected by the last year’s floods, which took all of their yield for that year. All the families count 4 – 11 members.

The beneficiaries have been identified together with the Municipality Modriča representatives. Those are families that are characterized as living high level of poverty and vulnerability.

Jevrosima Stojanovic, middle aged lady, has a small farm where, for many years, she has been working in agriculture, planting different crops such as tomato, peppers and cucumbers. “For the past seven years I have been planting in the field and I can say that our small business was doing well. I have managed to manufacture the vegetables for our own personal needs and somefor the market as well. I was able to sell my goods at the market on a daily basis. Customers got used to me, to the good quality and to the fact that all vegetables were organically produced. And then the flood came. The land was taken by the river in one day. Not just that we need to start from beginning but we lost two years…Getting back on our own two feet is hard, economy is weak, people are tired of starting all over again but we need to keep on living. All help is more than welcome and it is good to know that there are still organisations and people out there who have not forgotten about us. With your help, and help of our first neighbours we will manage somehow. Day by day.

One year after the heavy floods that affected Balkans in May 2014, Oxfam in South East Europe continues with the “Seeding the future: response to the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia” programme. Through this program, funded by Intesa Sanpaolo Onlus Foundation, Oxfam responds to the immediate needs of the most vulnerable population affected by the floods of the last year.

*Photo credits: Rasmus Af Klint (Oxfam volunteer/ Associate Officer)

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